Intel discloses three more possible chip flaws

Its commonly used Core and Xeon processors were among the products that were affected.

COD Black Ops 4 beta impressions

The beta version has left a positive impression for most gamers and the transition to has been quite smooth for players.

Cosmos Bank loses $13.5 million in cyber attack

The beta version has left a positive impression for most gamers and the transition to has been quite smooth for players.

Los Angeles will be first in US to install subway body scanners

The machines scan for metallic and non-metallic objects on a person’s body and can detect suspicious items from 30 feet.

Twitter Lite expands to over 45 countries including India

The app was launched in last year and it has gradually moved from its initial regions of operation to 21 more countries this week.

Google’s location tracking bothering you? Here’s how you can turn it off

The location tracking feature is crucial to a lot of apps such as cab-hailing apps, food ordering, maps, and so on.

Mozilla Firefox now supports TLS 1.3 security protocol

The new security protocol was rolled out late last week and ensures the web is a secure place to browse.

Facebook Messenger Kids now lets you to send friend requests

This is an opt-in feature and when enabled, creates a four-word passphrase which they have to provide to their friend.


Samsung's foldable smartphone could be the next big thing

The company might be toiling itself towards creating something new to regain its popularity and user base.

Most Popular

Galaxy Note 9 to launch in India on August 22

The Note 9 will start at Rs 67,900 in India, with pre-bookings lasting till August 21.

Latest Reviews

Tecno launches AI powered Camon iAce and iSky in India

The new smartphones come with FullView displays and face unlock capabilities.

4.6 out of 5 stars

Google releases source code for Google I/O 2018 for Android

The 2018 version of the source code constitutes an all-inclusive rewrite of the app.

4.6 out of 5 stars

Intel AI helps bring ‘The Meg’ mega shark to the big screen

AI technology allows movies to create incredibly detailed and lifelike graphics.

4.6 out of 5 stars

Sextortion: Whether you watch porn or not, you should read this

Sextortion is a new method where scamsters are threatening users into coughing out thousands of dollars.

4.6 out of 5 stars

Mobile banking Trojan modifications reach an all-time high

Mobile banking Trojans are one of the most infamous type of malware, as they are designed to steal money.

4.6 out of 5 stars

Here are Some platforms helping women gain financial independence

These platforms are helping women to gain financial independence hence making them assertive and empowered.

4.6 out of 5 stars
More Interesting News

Elon Musk says Silver Lake, Goldman advising on taking Tesla private

Silver Lake was offering its assistance to Musk without compensation and had not been hired as a financial adviser in an official capacity.

‘Monster Hunter: World’ axed in China shortly after launch

The game has been pulled off Tencent’s WeGame distribution platform in China after it was released on August 8.

Nvidia unveils new chip technology for filmmakers

Nvidia rolled out its newest generation of chip technology, called Turing after the legendary British computer scientist Alan Turing.

Tesla's slow disclosure raises governance concerns

Musk provided no details of his funding until Monday, when he said that he was in discussions with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.

La Liga inks landmark free-to-air deal with Facebook in India

A statement from La Liga said all 380 league matches for the new season would be available to viewers in India and neighbouring countries.

Independent labels calls on EU to block Sony's $2.3 billion bid for EMI

Sony announced the deal in May which would give it rights to 2.1 million songs from artists such as Drake, Sam Smith and Sia.


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