Shraddha Kapoor: You have to accept the fact that the audience might also reject you at times

Aug 10,2018

When asked was she affected by the first flop post the string of successes, she said, "I was because there's so much that goes behind putting a film together. You put your heart and soul into it and you believe that this is something you want to do. You have to accept the fact that the audience might also reject you at times. So, I accepted their rejection, too. But you can't dwell on that for long. I choose to keep my head down and work hard."

The conversation ended with her telling the most challenging aspect of working in Stree. "Working with such fine actors as Rajkummar, Pankaj ji (Tripathi) and Aparshakti (Khurana) was a challenge. I'm a huge fan of the kind of movies that Raj does. There's so much to learn from them; they are so effortless and grounded. Stree is an innovation and introduces a new genre which is something that hasn't happened before. The content is the hero, heroine and the star in Stree. To be a part of such content-driven films makes me happy," Shraddha said and signed off.

Source : Pinkvilla

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