Mahesh Babu fans angry on Sobhita Dhulipala for thanking Telugu star, actress reacts

Aug 09,2018

The Tollwood superstar praised the Andhra-born actress’ recent film, but her reply wasn’t taken well.

Mumbai:  There’s no doubt that the hate celebrities receive on social media nowadays is growing day by day.  

Sobhita Dhulipala, known for films like ‘Raman Raghav 2.0’ and ‘Kaalakaandi’, was the latest target on Twitter.

The actress had to face a barrage of negative comments for a mere, ‘Thank you’.

Sobhita, who is born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh, made her Telugu film debut with the recent release ‘Goodachari.’

Telugu star Mahesh Babu lauded the film on Twitter recently for being a slick spy thriller, and along with the lead Adivi Sesh, praised all the other actors.

Goodachari is a very impressive attempt in making a slick spy-thriller in Telugu. It's crisp, fast & gripping. Loved the performances of all the actors. @AdiviSesh shines all through. Congratulations to the entire team! 👏👏 — Mahesh Babu (@urstrulyMahesh) August 7, 2018

Sobhita replied to the post with a ‘Thank You,’ and that’s where the problem began. 

Thank you! — Sobhita Dhulipala (@sobhitaD) August 7, 2018

Fans of Mahesh Babu were furious with her reply, as it was not followed by words like ‘sir’, ‘garu’ which is equivalent to ‘Ji’ in Hindi, or ‘superstar.’

They mocked her, calling her a ‘small artist’, and saying that she wasn’t fit to be even character artiste beside him and to show ‘bloody respect’ to the’ big star.’

Wen All d others are gvng respect can't she? Someone comes to us dad or mom n do d same thing is dat OK? And he is not just hero and dis is not just fanism anthaku Minchi... — RISHI.....❤ (@urstrulyCAHITU) August 8, 2018

You've to say SIR 👊 Mahesh Babu Sir... — Superstar Fan Shiva (@NameisShiva) August 7, 2018

Show some bloody respect to Tolly wood superstar — SaikrishnaDHFM (@urstrulysai143) August 7, 2018

Thank You "You" Can be Used for both Singular & Plural నువ్వు అని ఏకవచనం తీసుకోకుండా మీరు తమరు అని బహువచనం కూడా తీసుకోవచ్చు Thank You Your Royal highness Your excellency Your Honour Thiru Shri Poojya Super Star Mahesh Babu Sir Garu Ji అని కూడా వేయవచ్చు కదా@sobhitaD mam 😊 — Next PSPK 🔥JanaSena Government (@StalwartOfCHIRU) August 7, 2018

Don't show ur attitude as if u r in industry for abt 20 r ruling the Tollywood... He has taken tym to watch ur film n appreciating in some r other he is promoting Ur some bloody respect — SuperstarMaheshFan (@venkatsai39) August 7, 2018

He is superstar ..not small artist like u — Nikhil Bharadwaj (@NikhilB23167187) August 8, 2018

Get lost @sobhitaD — Vaibhav Ane Nenu (@vaibhavrock999) August 8, 2018

Don't you know how to respect a big star.He is not your friend he is superstar of tollywood.First of all learn to respect a big hero. — Abhishek (@yoursabhi123) August 8, 2018

Please give respect to him using words like sir and Garu. .....your fan base doesn't get atleast 1/2% of his fan base......He is superstar of tollywood don't forgot it..... — Sudeep (@Sudeepstarts) August 8, 2018

Madam His such a Big star🔥 y don't u give respect where is respect ????;-) — Ashraf Ashu Dhfm✊ (@Ashraf703627729) August 8, 2018

What r u thinking u r replying a superstar .....u won't even fit for a character beside him even in Advertisement💦💦 Respect .... — Maheshbabu Devudu (@MaheshbabuDevu1) August 7, 2018

Sobhita didn’t expect the simple ‘Thank You’ to get such extreme messages and told Pinkvilla, “I was confused that a ‘Thank you!’ was seen as disrespectful purely because I hadn’t attached salutations like Sir/superstar/The great etc. Of course I have immense respect for him and find it rather saddening that social media is not a place of safety. Anonymity shouldn’t be misused.”

After actresses getting online hate for ‘revealing’ outfits, nepotism or even random pictures or videos, this was surely a different kind of hate.


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