Kerala rains: 2 more shutters of Cheruthoni dam opened, PM Modi speaks to Pinarayi

Aug 10,2018

As per the report by Madhyamam, the initial plan was to release double the amount of water on Friday as compared to Thursday but with the reservoir levels reaching full capacity, it was decided by the authorities to release thrice the amount of water from the dam.

For the first time in 26 years, one shutter of the dam was opened on Thursday as water levels rose to nearly 2,399 feet in the reservoir, just 4 feet below its full capacity. At 12:30pm on Thursday, one shutter of the Cheruthoni dam was opened 50 centimetres to let the water out.

The shutter was opened at 12:30 pm for a trial run. It was initially decided to keep it open for four hours but since the reservoir levels kept rising, it stayed opened throughout the night.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Friday night put out a statement saying that he had spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the situation in the state.

"I had informed the PM about the condition in Kerala and also thanked him for sending the armed forces for help, immediately," the CM said in his statement.

Pinarayi VIjayan also said that he had called up his counterpart in Karnataka, HD Kumaraswamy, to enquire about the situation in Karnataka, as parts of the state were also hit by rains.

"Kumaraswamy has said that the Karnataka government had opened the shutters in the Kabini river to allow the water from Banasura dam in Wayanad to be released," said Vijayan.

According to officials from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the rains which lashed the state on Wednesday are expected to continue on Friday as well.

Source : The News Minute

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