I have low self-esteem, says Karan Johar

Aug 08,2018

The filmmaker who’s all set to help people fix their relationship issues on his radio show, reveals that he hasn’t had great luck himself.

Filmmaker Karan Johar is gearing up to kick off the second season of his radio show Calling Karan, in which he chats with people and gives them advice on love, relationships and heartbreak. The director, who has always expressed his emotions through the actors in his films, says that he suffers from self-esteem issues when it comes to real-life relationships.

“I am not someone full of self-love. I have a lot of self-doubt, apprehensions about myself. I have low self-esteem issues, and I think that’s why I tend to put so much into a relationship. My relationships invariably end up being one-sided because I have too much to offer,” Karan says.

“I think people who love themselves are incapable of extreme love for others. Because love is a selfless emotion, it cannot come with the baggage of self-love,” the filmmaker adds.

Ask him if he will use his films as references to help his callers address their issues, and he responds, “No, no ...what we show in the movies is ridiculous. You cannot possibly ruin someone’s life by giving them filmy solutions. Those are meant for theatre experiences. When you want to give people legitimate advice, you have to get to the heart of the situation. I take every call very seriously.”



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