I-Day welcomed with a race

Aug 09,2018

The date is surely not the most suitable for a lengthy run, since other rallies and events are part of Independence Day festivities.

Age just a number, this phase is overused in multiple instances but in sports, as you age, you fade away. However, when it comes to running, things are not the same. Dr PS Ramani, who is 80 and Usha Soman, who is 78 will headline the ‘The Mumbai Ultra’ 12-hour run on August 15 with armed forces of Indian Navy, Coast Guard and Police Personnel.

The race will take the format of an ultra-marathon, in which participants will run a distance of 42.2 kilometres. Starting at 5 am, the race will conclude at 5pm. There will be four points- alpha, beta, Charlie, and delta. “The ends are designed in order to allow all the runners to finish at respective places,” informs Naveen Hegde who is one of the organisers.

The race director, Savio D’Souza, has put down strict rules for the race. He is not well acquainted with the director’s role, but his experience in running is unparallelled to many in the city. He does not want any injuries to occur. “People get complacent in these races and keep running in spite of injuries. I will make sure that does not happen. No one dares to do that in big races, like the Comrades (South Africa) so why do we allow it here?” he questions.

Running on the big date The date is surely not the most suitable for a lengthy run, since other rallies and events are part of Independence Day festivities. The route chosen is not the most suitable as well. The organisers are trying to make sure that things go smoothly.

Starting from Cadel Road, Dadar, the race will extend to Worli Sea Face and back. Due to Metro construction work, the roads have become  narrower. D’Souza informs that the marathon will take place on one side while the other will be available for vehicles. “What we have done is asked the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) to give us one side and the other will be open for cars and other vehicles. When they come back, we will block one side and open the other for the runners,” he states.

This sounds like a tedious task to finish on a day like August 15 and D’Souza did not look very convinced either.  

 The runners can stop at any point during the race for medical check-ups and meals and each finisher will be awarded a medal. The four different points will work as hydration stations. 108-ambulance service will provide four cardiac ambulances for emergency services on the marathon day.


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